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Nez et les lèvres Wall Art

Discover the Art of ZIP.

Our art, philosophy, and more about the ZIP

fruits et noix

Discover the Fabriq du ZIP.

Behind the scenes of production

Le concept.

How it works?

The ZIP MASQ is a reusable, high quality, impeccably styled mask. Choose the ZIP CAPS of your choice, open the ZIP of your MASQ, insert the CAPS, close the ZIP, then let the fragrance diffuse to seduce your senses and air out your days.


Try several CAPS: Change them according to your moods, discover new scents ... you are the actors of your sensory experience!

For who? 

The ZIP is for those who want to stay fresh. Whether you appreciate the good life, pizzazz and vitality, French style and elegance, or the sweetness of scented dreams, the ZIP is for you. Perfect gift for your loved ones and for yourself, the ZIP will undoubtedly become your best friend!


What is a CAPS?

A ceramic capsule diffusing a fragrance for a unique sensory experience. Designed to respect your respiratory tract, it does not stain and is not harmful to health. The CAPS releases its scents for a period of 3 days or more depending on use. Long enough to want more , never long enough to get bored!

The principle: use a CAPS according to your moods, your desires and your curiosity.


The perfume? 

Our exceptional perfumes benefit from the know-how of the Pays de Grasse, classified as Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Created by the perfumers of our team, they are carefully studied for an optimal experience. There is something for everyone: take a look at our range of CAPS .


Our couturiers - a workshop where anything is possible!

The MASQ's particularities

The origins ?

Our mask is made locally by seamstresses and tailors who guarantee French know-how. Undeniably franchouillards. The MASQ is above all a creation of the world: its colours and style are inspired by Breton, Swedish, Amerindian and African influences, which reflect the diversity of our origins.

Convinced of the merits and potential of our idea, we launched the ZIP MASQ to bring real style, comfort and functionality. No more constraints, no more uni-functional masks. The MASQ is there to ensure panache, style and confort.

The making?

We quickly realized that our noses don't like the rubbing of an unpleasant border, that our bodies don't like suffocation, that our ears refuse to be manhandled by too tight rubber bands, that our faces deserve better than discomfort and lack of aesthetics. It is to answer all these problems that with the help of Charlotte, our Smart model maker, we developed the ZIP MASQ. Perfectly spandable, pleasant, stylish, and adjustable !



Inside, its multiple layers of fabrics ensure optimal breathing coupled with barrier protection. On the outside, several subtle but impactful styles. The zipper, the ZIP, will distinguish you from a simple "Masked" person: your entourage will die of jealousy.


Finally, wearing a ZIP helps boost your energy and pleasures on a daily basis. The CAPS is inserted on the right side of the ZIP MASQ, in a pocket specially made for the diffusion of the perfume. The air will circulate in a vortex between the layers of fabric of the ZIP MASQ for a fresh, healthy and unique sensory experience. Our elastics are soft, respectful, comfortable, and adapt to all faces through an adjustable sliding system.

We know it, and you will see it: combined with the ZIP CAPS, the MASQ will be your favorite accessory!

This mask is not a medically approved mask or personal protective equipment (category 1) against COVID 19, but it can help prevent the spread of viruses and germs through the transmission of postilions. This mouth and nose mask is an accessory intended for private use. This mask has not been tested or certified as a personal protective mask. This is not a regulated protective mask.


The enthusiastic and creative ZIP designer, Charlotte without whom our masks would not have this panache!

You have questions ?

Check out our FAQ!

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