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Notes on OUR masks

The masks sold by Les Franchouillards are not medically approved masks or personal protective equipment (category 1) against COVID19, but they can help prevent the spread of viruses and germs through the transmission of postilions.

This mask (for the mouth and nose) is an accessory intended for private use.

This mask has not been tested or certified as a personal protective mask. This is not a regulated protective mask.

This mask is not suitable for medical use, home care, or any other situation requiring reduction in exposure to airborne contamination.

This mask is not a medically approved mask or personal protective equipment, but it can help prevent the spread of the virus. It is to be worn on the mouth and nose so as to limit the spread of postilions.

It is important to wash it before each use with ordinary detergent. Wash before using.

Change the protective mask when the fabric starts to get wet.

Wearing a protective mask does not in any way replace hygiene standards.

Stay at home, when possible. Keep your distance. Wash your hands with soap regularly. Do not touch the outer part of the mask after placing it on your face.

This mask does not meet the medical standards DIN149, EN143 or other AFNOR standards.

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