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Once upon a time there were 5 franchouillards. They lived together a quiet life in the south of France. Until the day when a virus, called "Coronatigrus", forced them to confine themselves. One morning, while the birds were singing, and the little Franchouillards were having fun sewing masks for their community , two of them were struck by an idea. Over the next few days the 5 humans saw this idea take shape under their fingers. This idea twists , widens, embellishes, and finally takes off. This idea is the ZIP.

Le Club

Les Franchouillards.

                Who are we? 

We are the Franchouillards clique, and the ZIP is our baby. The Franchouillards are a united , ambitious, humble and visionary group, a bit pretentious around the edges, but above all passionate . It is first and foremost a family like any other, large and small alike, a family made up and reconstituted to offer you its best elements ...

What do we do ?

Students, philosophers, dancers, scientists ... odor experts and apprentice designers: we do everything in our masked kitchens!

Where are we from?

From the south-east of France , we are good franchouillards in love with the country and all its wonders.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

But we are also Bretons, Koasati, Swedish, Czech, Belgians, Americans and Moroccans !

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.


Behind the ZIP

GWENAELA , a chemist by training, creator and lover of life, the idea of ZIP falls on her after having made masks for the city of Cannet during confinement with Ella.

CAMILLE , chemist and aromatic specialist , he is the clever designer of the natural fragrances that perfume us.


a psychology student in London, artist and apprentice designer, she is also at the origin of the project. Gwenaëla's seamstress companion, she offers creativity and joy.


economics student, thinker and poet. He gives energy to this project for it to bloom. His pen, his style, his dreams and his criticisms permeate our site, our project as well as the philosophy of Les Franchouillards.


classical dancer,

jazz and contemporary, he is a keen fan of fashion and the French art of living.

We are the team


The 5 of us are the franchouillards. There is no hierarchy, no overriding interest. We share, we discuss, we all contribute in our own way, together in diversity, as you each contribute to ZIP and its philosophy.

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